Thursday, November 23, 2006

specialized services

Just received a postcard from introducing their specialized poster services. "Don't be caught empty handed!"

This reminds me of another very interesting services I noticed a couple of years ago. A group of people in Boston provides scientific illustration services to biological and medical researchers. Basically, they make figures or diagrams for scientists to use in their publications. Nowadays, biomedical research is becoming more and more complicated. As a result, it is very difficult for the people actually doing research to explain it in a comprehensive way, especially to people out of the field. But these group could make it easier to understand by their specialized graphical or other visual-based techniques. They originated their service in Boston because there are huge amount of demand for their service, Harvard, MIT etc. It turns out to be a big success. Now you can find their work in many important publications.

Now, there's this poster service available. They understand science, and they understand computer techniques. Therefore, they are unique.

Try to be unique! (in a good way though)

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