Sunday, June 8, 2008

Big money on personalized medicine

by Beyond Lab

Luxembourg government decided to take the challenge to push personalized medicine researches with big money. In collaboration with three U.S. institutes, U. of Luxembourg will establish several research centers to build a BIOBANK which collects huge amounts of disease samples and genetic information. This proposed system will be used to promote translational research and systems biology and in the long run will build the basics for personalized medicine. Of course, this has to be helped with modern personal genomics studies.

To Beyond Lab, this initiative is an important step toward personalized medicine. With U.S. economy going slow and U.S.federal funding being flat, other countries like Luxembourg, Japan, Singapore, and even South Korea are putting big amount of money in life science. At this point, the whole thing is still at data/information collection stage. But very soon, really useful knowledge/technology will come out and some of them will bring money back to those countries who invested in the research. Although it is difficult to predict exactly a time frame, the fast growing technologies will sure prove this is the case.

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