Monday, June 2, 2008

colorectal cancer and patient personal genomics

by Beyond Lab

Here, another example showed that colorectal cancer patients with normal K-RAS gene have better response to a FDA approved drug (an EGFR antibody if you are interested).

The study was a multi-center multinational prospective clinical trial (Phase II) of Cetuximab where about 600 colorectal cancer patients were examined for K-RAS gene mutations and related to response to drug treatment (in combination with standard chemotherapy). --More wild-type K-RAS carriers showed reduced cancer and decreased risk of cancer progression. The numbers are not dramatic, but are significant considering the number of patients studied.

This kind of study will gradually build the foundations of personalized medicine and the eventual application of personal genomes (genomics). As mentioned in one of my previous posts, those personal genomics companies should collaborate with researchers to expand this kind of correlation studies (especially with NIH funding is limited).

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