Monday, July 28, 2008

better than others?

Something I am doing right now requires me to demonstrate that I am better than others with the ame levels of education. What thing I can do but others cannot?

While thinking about this question, I remember something like "if you cannot describe what you are doing in one sentense, stop doing it. you are wasting your time."

Sure I can do that. But my training has been a bit diverse, although always in life science -- from medical school gradually shifted toward basic pathology research to current biological research. I'll have to explain some basics before people really gets what I am doing. On the other hand, this really gives me something special than others. I will have to take advantage of my training background.

However, I understand that to succeed, it is necessary to be able to clearly explain to lay people my research in PLAIN language. So that people understand the importance of my research and therefore provide support. This is not just grant writing, which is for experts to review. This is for everyone else. I will post it here once I am done.

by Beyond Lab

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