Friday, April 25, 2008

personal genome discussion

by Beyond Lab

A discussion of the personal genome by a panel of "masters" from various fields. Although so far no video available, but this is a must see.

At Univ. of Washington, on Apr 23, Bill Gates, Eric Lander, Maynard Olson, Leena Peltonen, and George Church discussed many aspects of the personal genome: the science, the industry, and ethics etc.

Some interesting notes from above Sandra Porter's post.

"The panelists were asked if they had had their genomes sequenced. Only George Church answered yes. It was interesting though, even though Leena Peltonen and Eric Lander said that they weren't interested in having this done, both of them said they had been tested for certain genetic diseases, Eric, for Tay Sachs, and Leena for 40 diseases common in Finns. Bill Gates said that if the top 20 infectious diseases were to be cured, he would be happy to have his genome sequenced and make it public."

"Eric Lander playfully asked the other panelists if they thought presidential candidates disclose their genomes. He reminded us that we had a president with Alzheimer's disease and we would have found that potential if we had tested him. In the future, will we ask the older candidates to get tested for Alzheimer's?"

--I heard Eric Lander's talks. It is always very informative and amusing. :)

Here you are. I did a quick google and found a place to watch the discussion.
The beginning part is just music --weird. but drag to start from after 15min.


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