Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Powerpoint presentation tips

by Beyond Lab

Note: one slide was a picture taken on one of the annual national big decision-making meetings in China showing the audience was bored and felt asleep. This is not a result of bad powerpoint presentation though, -- the presenter (one of the leaders) was simply reading what everyone has in his/her hands.

Another funny one:

Want more:

How not to give a presentation: Richard Smith, editor; BMJ


TomJoe said...

I've always been told (and practice) the idea that the PowerPoint presentation is to jog your own (the presenters) memory, to give you visual cues as to what you intend to say. Text should be minimal, but large enough for everyone to see. Rely on figures which are properly labeled and easy to read.

Font also plays a role. Titles should be in a serif font (it is more eye-catching and it takes longer to read which means it is internalized better), the rest of the text should be sans-serif. Also color scheme is important too. I can't say how many times I've seen a dark blue background with black text in figures, or a white background with yellow text or lines in figures. Darn annoying.

Beyond Lab said...

Great tips, tomjoe.


Powerpoint said...

Wow! its a great article about
powerpoint presentation.Titles should be in a serif font (it is more eye-catching and it takes longer to read which means it is internalized better), the rest of the text should be sans-serif. Also color scheme is important too.

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