Thursday, May 8, 2008

moving week

by Beyond Lab

This week we are moving the lab to a new building. You can't imaging how much stuff you have until it is time to pack. Fortunately, the moving is just next door -- we don't have to pack every tube and every reagent. We can carry most of them on carts and move ourselves. But still there are a lot of work -- defrosting freezers, rearranging equipment and so on.

But still, this is much easier compared to two years ago when the whole lab relocated from New York to Florida. That was a one month down time.

Now, we hope the down time will be only one week. --Just hope, I am not confident. There are inevitably a lot of problems in a new building, for example we have discovered that there are not enough internet ports, weak wireless signal, lacking power outlets, tables, chairs etc. Most ridiculous is that my assigned cubicle doesn't have any power outlet. There are outlets on both sides but there is no way my lights or laptop power cord could reach them.

Well, as long as they can fix them quickly.

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